Carnival In Rome

Posted 17.02.2014 by Leigh

Date(s): 4 March 2014. Venue: Piazza del Popolo and Navona Square, Rome, Italy and venues throughout the city.

Rome Carnival (and carnival in general) is celebrated forty days before Easter (the beginning of Lent) and as Easter changes date from year to year so does the date for carnival. In 2014 the Rome Carnival is celebrated on the 4th March with many other festivities taking place running up to the 4th and several religious processions occur thereafter.

Although the Rome Carnival is not as well known as the carnival in Venice or Rio de Janiero etc, it is however a great time to be in the city and even more so for children. From Superman to Cinderalla, or more classically, witches to gladiators, you will not be able to miss the groups of children on the streets with their parents, throwing confetti and playing games on each other.

The Roman Carnival dates back centuries ago when it was originally tied in with equestrian events that took place on 'Via del Corso' in the centre centre of the city. 'Corso' means 'course' in Italian and nowadays the street is well known for being one of the city's most popular shopping streets.

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