Food Exhibition In Rome

Posted 07.08.15 by Leigh

Date(s): 29.05.15 - 08.11.15. Venue: MAXXI, Via Guido Reni 4/A, 00196 Rome, Italy.

One of Rome's largest museums, the MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Art, is showing an interesting exhibition about food, simply entitled FOOD. Dal cucchiaio al mondo (from the spoon to the world). The exhibition's blurb states that it is 'An exhibition that tells us about how food crosses, changes and influences the body, houses, streets, cities and the landscape of the entire world'. There are over 50 works by different artists and architects that have been divided into 6 sections mentioned above; body, home, street, city, landscape and world.

The presentation ranges from the dimension of the human body to that of the planet, from the kitchen to the home, from the city to the region and the world, tackle the global political, social, urban and economic effects that the production, distribution, consumption and disposal of food have on communities and territories.

The MAXXI Museum is located in the city's northern district and can be easily accessed by public transport: Metro A, Flaminio stop followed by tram number 2, Apollodoro stop.

Opening times: daily 11:00am to 7:00pm, except for Saturdays, open until 10:00pm and closed Mondays.

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