Rodin, Marble, Life Exhibition In Rome

Posted 28.02.2014 by Leigh

Date(s): 08/02/14 - 25/05/14. Venue: Grandi Aule delle Terme di Diocleziano, Viale Enrico de Nicola 79, 00185 Rome, Italy.

The Rodin, Il Marmo, La Vita (Rodin, Marble, Life) exhibition takes place at the Great Halls of Diocletian's Baths. Visitors will find more than sixty works on display, making it one of the most exhaustive collections dedicated to Auguste Rodin. The majority of the artefacts belong to some of France's main museums, such as the Musée Rodin in Paris, the Petit Palais-Musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris, the Musée Faure in Aix-les-Bains and the Musée de Picardie in Amiens.

Parisian Auguste Rodin (1840 - 1917) is often consider to be the progenitor of modern sculpture, although he never set out to rebel against the past. Rodin's most popular works, such as The Kiss and The Thinker, are widely used outside the fine arts as symbols of human emotion and character.

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