Roman Cuisine Ice-Cream

Posted 28.03.2014 by Leigh

Address: Various locations throughout Rome, Italy.

In Rome and indeed throughout Italy, you will see Ice-cream parlours everywhere, and like all things linked to cuisine in Italy, it almost seems a national obsession. The parlours usually sell delicious home-made, artisan ice-cream, creating some imaginative flavours (e.g. fennel, licorice or basil) that you may never have tasted before. The most popular ones use the highest quality ingredients available and are always busy, with customers of all ages. If you would like some extra calories, then do not forget to say 'Si' ('Yes') when you are asked 'Ce voi la panna?', Roman dialect for 'Would you like cream with that?'. Or of course 'No' if you prefer to look after that figure. Some of the most popular ice-cream parlours are as followed:

  • Fassi: 65 Via Principe Eugenio, 00185 Rome
  • Fatamorgana Corso: 10 Via Laurina, 00187 Rome
  • Giolitti: 40 Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 00186 Rome‎
  • Gelato di San Crispino: 42 Via della Panetteria, 00187 Rome

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