Roman Cuisine Tiramisu

Posted 09.05.14 by Leigh

Address: Various restaurants throughout Rome, Italy.

A meal in a Roman restaurant often involves four courses, a starter, followed by pasta, which is followed by meat or a fish dish until finally we reach the last course, dessert or 'dolce' in Italian. Italy's most well-known dessert is no doubt 'Tiramasu' and although it probably originates from the northern region of Veneto, you will find it on most Roman restaurant menus. Tiramisu was recently invented, in the early 1960s and its name translates as 'pick me up', most likely due to its caffeine content. The ladyfingers, often know as sponge biscuits, which are called Savoiardi in Italian, are dipped in coffee in order to soak up the strong and distinctive coffee flavour. The biscuits are layered in a dish or bowl with each layer being covered with a carefully mixed sauce of eggs, sugar and mascarpone cheese, which has also been flavoured with cocoa.

Click on the above link for an incredible and authentic tiramisu recipe.

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