Rome District EUR (Esposizione Universale Roma)

Posted 16.05.2014 by Leigh

The EUR district in Rome lies to the south of the historical centre and is mainly an 'out-of-town' business and residential area but with some interesting points of interest. EUR stands for 'Esposizione Universale Roma' (Universal Exposition Rome) and it was here that Benito Mussolini had planned to hold the 1942 World Fair (the project was initially to be called E42), to celebrate twenty years of Fascism and to also move the Italian capital's city centre further south west. However, the World Fair was cancelled due to World War II, although the buildings and expansion of the area was followed through in the 1950s and 1960s. The 'Palazzo dello Sport' and the 'Velodromo', which were built for the 1960 Olympics, are also located in EUR. Architecturally, it is a very interesting area as it depicts what urban Italy may have looked like, if Fascism had succeeded: austere buildings and wide boulevard-like streets and roads.

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