Rome Exhibition: Hans Memling Flemish Renaissance

Posted 04.09.14 by Leigh

Date(s): 10/10/14 - 18/01/15. Venue: Scuderie del Quirinale, Via XXIV Maggio 16, 00186 Rome, Italy.

The Scuderie del Quirinale (Quirinal Stables or also Papal Stables) in Rome are playing host to a new art Exhibition called 'Hans Memling. Rinascimento Fiammingo' (Hans Memling. Flemish Renaissance) which is dedicated to the works of famous German born but Belgian Flemish artist Hans Memling (circa 1430 – 1494). Meming was a leading artist best known for his portraits, diptychs and several large religious works. He was especially renowned in Italy and many of his works were a strong influence in Italy's artistic scene during the early sixteenth century. The exhibition is a collection of some of Meming's best works, including the 'Pagagnotti Triptych', 'Portrait of a Man' and 'Portrait of a Woman'. The exhibition is open: Sunday to Thursday 10:00am to 8:00pm and Friday to Saturday 10:00am to 10:30pm. Entrance costs 12.00 Euros per person.

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