Rome Festivals: Eutropia In Rome

Posted 01.08.14 by Leigh

Date(s): 06.06.14 - 14.09.14. Venue: Città Dell'Altra Economia, Largo Dino Frisullo, 00153 Rome, Italy.

Rome is of course well known for its Ancient Roman sights and religious tourist attractions, however it does also offer a vast array of more contemporary attractions and events. This is especially so during the summer months, when the City of Rome Council rolls out its varied 'Estate Romana/Roman Summer' program. Eutropia - The Other City is one such event which brings together music, cinema and gastronomy. The name Eutropia was taken from famous Italian writer Italo Calvino, who in short described Eutropia as 'A city of many cities'. The event aims to create a multicultural and multi-ethnic ambience with live music from several types of genres, including reggae (Alpha Blondy/4th September) and ska (Après la classe/1st August), various street food outlets and the nightly 'Summer Disco' blasting tunes from the genres of reggae, dance, 70s funk, Rock'n'Roll, etc. The event is located at the 'ex slaughterhouse' (Ex Mattatoio) in the trendy Testaccio district of Rome. There is also an outdoor arena, where for only 5 Euros you can watch some of the best movies from 2013/2014 under the twinkling stars. Click on the above official website to find out more.

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