Rome Festivals: Villa d'Este At Night In Tivoli

Posted 18.07.2014 by Leigh

Date(s): 04.07.14 - 13.09.14. Venue: Villa d'Este, Piazza Trento 5, 00019 Tivoli, Italy.

Villa d'Este lies in the ancient town of Tivoli, just outside Rome, and has just began its rich program of summer events under the title of 'Villa d'Este Di Notte/Villa d'Este At Night'. This UNESCO World Heritage Site will offer 22 cultural nights between the 4th July and 13th September, which will include concerts and shows, as well as the opportunity to try some of the region's renowned local produce in a truly breathtaking and spectacular Renaissance ambience. The concerts and shows range from chamber music, jazz and folk to rock and film music and includes artists, such as the Garfield Jazz Ensemble from Seattle, ex-Europe guitarist Kee Marcello and the harpsichordist Basil Timpanaro. Twelve of the evenings will also be dedicated to an array of tastes and flavours of the Renaissance period, while during the remaining nights guests can enjoy a drink and food from the region. Also, in the Superior Apartment there is a special exhibition entitled 'La Nuova Moda tra '500 e '600/The New Fashion between 1500 and 1600' and entrance is free for ticket-holders to the villa.

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