Rome Information: Free Wi-Fi

Posted 20.06.2014 by Leigh

Nowadays it is often very difficult to think of a world where we do not have access to the internet at our fingertips. However, when on holiday this can often be the case, unless we are willing to pay some often extortionate roaming charges. However, things are changing. Firstly, by the end of next year all roaming charges (phone calls and data) within the European Union are to be removed! Unfortunately that is still more than a year away and it is also not useful to non-EU residents. So for the moment there are some other options available: firstly most hotels now offer their guests free Wi-Fi. Furthermore, like any major city, Rome has numerous eateries, bars and outlets that offer free internet access to their customers, simply look out for posters or stickers saying 'Wi-Fi gratuita' or 'Wi-Fi gratis'. You may need to ask for the network access code or register to access the service. If you have an Italian SIM card, RomaWireless offers up to 2 hours a day of free internet via their hotspots in the historic centre of Rome. Finally, starting from just 2 Euros per day for 100Mb, register with Witourist and access their hotspots throughout Italy.

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